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Specialized in design, construction, management and maintenance, global service of technological systems


Italstem S.p.A., since its foundation, has intended to offer differentiated service formulas designed to effectively satisfy the business customer market through:
A lean and agile structure;
The presence of a high degree of know-how gained in the electro-instrumental plant sector;
A suitable technical commercial structure, availability of adequate means and equipment;
The dissemination of principles and methodologies related to the research of an ever higher level already recognized since 1992 with Certificates of conformity to the Regulations: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018. Registration in the Anti-Mafia Registry of the executors DL 189/216, Registration in the Poste Italiane suppliers register, Registration in the Enav S.p.A. suppliers register, Registration in the Electronic Market of the Public Administration - MEPA.
Chi Siamo


Our organization is constituted:

- by a management that tries to respond to the dynamics of the present by projecting itself into the future.

- by the use of specialized resources, divided between collaborators, professionals and an operating sector which may vary according to the extent of the work in progress.

- from a tradition that represents an operational quality consolidated over the years.

- from research and innovation aimed at introducing new products and services, in a business strategy aimed at promoting the diffusion and adoption of technology on a large scale.

Il nostro Team


Dedicazione. Competenza. Passione.




Via Cavour 3, 05100 Terni, Italia

Tel:  0744/441080 - 0744/441421

Fax: 0744/435781


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